2023 Grant Awards

The Kagan Charitable Foundation proudly announces the recipients for the 2023 Grant Awards!

Teacher Grants

Teacher Grades State Training
Aimee Dunfod 9–12 AZ Social-Emotional Learning
Mary Ann Lyons 8 CA California Math Council
Christi Mangold K KY Kagan Cooperative Learning
Rachel Williams K MI Kagan Cooperative Learning
Jacqui Smith 1 IL Growth Mindset
Kim Alvin De Lara 4–5 AZ MIT Science & Engineering
Cheryl Hanneman 4 FL Growth Mindset

School Grants

School Grades State Training
Riverview Global Studies Academy K–5 FL Kagan Cooperative Learning
Nightingale Middle School 6–8 CA Kagan Cooperative Learning
The Dalton Academy 10–12 GA Kagan Cooperative Learning

Thank you to all 2023 applicants. For teachers and schools wishing to submit a grant application for 2024, applications are due May 1st and the Award Announcements will be made approximately June 15th.